The Final Stardusk, Gameplay First, Blockcain Second

2 min readDec 12, 2022

“welcome to the ever expanding world of final stardust. you will embark on a journey filled with new discoveries. let’s dive into the final stardust universe” says Nour Saidana

In this game, we can create a base of our avatar, like eyes hair and skin color, and in the future we also can add more customization with a lot of accessories.

We can purchased more accessories or dropped in game, after we beating a guardian in final stardust game.

“gameplay first, Blockchain second” is the filosophy of final stardusk, it means, they will develop the game first untul it become a fun game, and when it become a fun game, of course it will have huge community plays this game. So, one of the most important about stardusk is when adding the blockchain isn’t money centric buat gamer centric.

The Final Stardust has focusing the blockchain will be ownable in game item so player can use across all games in the final stardust universe, it will open new horizon for gamers, and the web 2.0 audience.

The final stardusk universe, created to approach “Gameplay First” the game aims to create it’s own identitiy and deliver a truly unique experience.

When we played the Final stardusk, in game we will found a monster called “Planos”, this name come from term “PLAnet and tke japanese name “no”to indicate possession, there are 100 Planos and they come from specific planet and they also have different element of type which is dependent on the planet he comes from.

We can take one example a Pano that comes from mars has a mars element. It indicate the elemental “possession” the color of Plano came from mars have dominant color of the planet itself. And as we know, dominant color from mars is red, so the Plano will have dominant red color.

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