Sideswap, Overview Project and Airdrop Event on Zealy

3 min readJul 20, 2023

Overview Sideswap
Sideswap operates as a ZK-Rollup Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX integrated with Opside. It enables liquidity provision, direct token swaps between users, and market-making services for Opside users. As an open and permissionless platform, Sideswap removes the requirement for trusted intermediaries and unnecessary fees, making trading and earning processes more secure, accessible, and efficient through the use of liquidity pools.

How does Sideswap work?
Sideswap is a ZK-Rollup based AMM DEX that consists of smart contracts governing the creation and management of liquidity pools. These pools hold two different assets, and their reserves and pricing are maintained by liquidity providers. Whenever a trade happens, the reserves and price update automatically without relying on central order books, third-party custody, or private matching engines. This unique feature ensures that Sideswap pools are continuously accessible for buying and selling tokens, setting it apart from centralized exchanges where traders need to find specific counterparts for each transaction.

Official link
Sideswap website:
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On going event on Sideswap
Sideswap announce the first stop on adventure commences on Zealy!
Sideswap is the leading dex and liquidity marketplace on Opside powered by ZK-RaaS. Sideswap set up some tasks to guide us through SideSwap.
As we conquer the tasks, we will earn Zealy XP. come join and prepare yourself for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Activity Period

July 15th, 2023 -

Activity platform

Activity Rewards
Participants in the activity can earn a certain amount of Zealy experience points. When Opside mainnet is launched, users who have earned experience points can receive airdropped SideSwap tokens of varying value, depending on the tasks completed and level of participation.

Zealy Tasks
Zealy tasks are divided into two parts: regular tasks and activity tasks. Users can choose tasks based on their own preferences.

Regular Tasks
There is no time limit for completing regular tasks. Users can earn a certain amount of experience points by completing social media operations such as following social media accounts, sharing activity information, and inviting friends to register.

Activity Tasks
Activity tasks are special events held by SideSwap in collaboration with other platforms or project parties. Participants in activity tasks need to meet certain conditions to participate, such as achieving a certain Discord level or completing tasks within a specified timeframe. Upon completion of the tasks, users will receive corresponding experience points.

Reward Distribution
Upon completion of the tasks, Zealy XP will immediately distribute rewards to the user’s personal account. Users can see the XP changes in real time on the leaderboard.

1.Some tasks require manual review, which takes 1–2 days. Users are kindly requested to be patient.
2.When completing tasks, users need to pay attention to the requirements and rules to ensure that their tasks can be successfully reviewed and confirmed.
3.Participants in the activity need to follow the rules and regulations, and must not engage in any illegal or fraudulent behavior. SideSwap reserves the right to cancel the user’s reward qualification for any violations.