Jul 11, 2022


1,000,000 SURFSWAP $mTIDE Giveaway!!!

To celebrate Surfswap’s launch on Kava network, we’re giving away 1,000,000 $mTIDE!

👇Complete all of the items below to maximize your chances of winning👇
Good luck!

*Note: please complete tasks and enter your Ethereum/Kava address (Metamask) to be eligible for rewards

Kava is EVM compatible so your Ethereum address for example from Metamask will work

New wallets with no transaction history are automatically disqualified*

1000 $mTIDE = 1 $TIDE; m in mTIDE stands for miliTide

Address kava, use metamask, add rpc Kava

Network Name: Kava EVM Alphanet
Chain ID: 2222
Currency Symbol: KAVA
Explorer URL:

you can join the event by this link :

#airdrop #giveaway